What Is The Best Pet Bird For A Child?


Birds are a fun creature to watch, but they can also make a good pet for your kid. When choosing a bird as a pet for your kid, you need to choose a friendly and one that your kids can take care of. Caring for a bird helps your child to grow a sense of responsibility. There are several birds which are friendly and can make the right pet for your kid. They come in different colors, behavior, and size. So, What is the best pet bird for a child?. Here are some of the best bird pet for your kids.


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Finches are amazing birds that come in different size and color. Their size varies between 3 to 8 inches. Finches are active and cheerful which needs to fry from one place to another. When you settle for Finches, make sure that you pair them with another compatible finch. For the bird to be comfortable and allow them free movement, you need to buy a square cage with sides of at least 18 inches. You kids will need to provide water, food and cleaning the cage paper on daily. If your kids are still younger, a cage with a pull-down is ideal as it makes cleaning easier. 

zebra finch



The cockatiel is friendly birds which are relatively cheap to maintain. The bird is small in size and is not as active as their cousins. The bird consumes a small amount of food and thus making them inexpensive to feed. Your kid can feed them without even struggling. The only extra care needed is birth every week since they are dusty. The bird has a long tail which makes them about 12 inches. The bird needs a cage which has enough space if possible add some toys and perches. Most birds don’t love to stay alone in the cage, therefore consider buying a pair for your kid. 



These birds are also referred to as parakeets or budgies and are owned by a good number of families. The cost of the bird is cheap compared to other birds, and they are easy to maintain. The bird can live for more than 15 years, and an adult grows up to 7.5 inches. The birds are small in size, have affectionate nature and can talk. Budgerigars are preferred by many because they make minimal sound, don’t destroy the toys and can’t mess with furniture. The bird needs to be bathed daily and supplied with vegetables daily. 



Canary are small birds which can live for 15 years. The bird can live alone in the cage without a partner. Most people love the bird because it entertains with a song and doesn’t need time to play with. Since the canary bird doesn’t come out of the cage, the kid has to provide food and water. Cleaning the bird and the cage should be done more often.


Pionus is a little known bird pet and somehow underrated. Pionus are fairly quiet, sweet, and colorful birds. The fact that Pionus rarely bite makes them ideal for young kids who fear bites. Pionus learns the word and their meaning in a short time. The bird can live for more than 15 years; this is to mean the parent will have to take care of the bird after the kid has grown. 

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