Photographing Birds

Taking photographs of birds provides a real test of a photographer's skills and equipment. Birds are generally small, shy, fast moving and far away. A bird that looks relatively large in the viewfinder may look like a smudge on the final picture. Bird photographers often spend considerable time looking for the finest  telephoto lens, the most stable tripod and the best vantage point. Like game hunters, bird photographers often use blinds for concealment from their subjects.

You donít have to have gone to photography school to be able create fantastic photographs of birds on your own. Bird photography can be something that one goes to photography college for and then starts a photography career, going out on bird photography jobs. Or can be a hobby that someone does from his or her own home, or photography studio.

Bird photographs are challenging because birds are shy, small and fast Whether you are interested in professional photography, or photography is just a hobby you will want to get the right photography equipment to take with you on any bird photographing expedition and learn some basic photography techniques, so that your bird photography will beat its very best.

Selecting the right cameras, tripods and lenses for your photography can be just as exciting as selecting what birds you would like to photograph, and where you would like to go for your trip so you and the birds have the perfect photography backdrop.

Often, after you take a photograph of a bird, you find that something in the photo is not quite right. There may be a bright area beyond the bird that detracts from the image, or a red flower that pulls the eye away from the bird you want to highlight. In those cases you may want to retouch the photo with Photoshop to eliminate the problem. If you are not expert with Photoshop you can select a photo retouching company like or one of their competitors. You may think this sort of image manipulation is somehow cheating, but rest assured that almost all professional photographers rely upon such post-processing retouching to enhance their photographs.

If you start bird photography as a hobby you may find that you enjoy it enough to take a photography course to learn more about how to take quality photographs. If you get good enough you could even develop you bird photography into a lucrative photography business.