How To Care For A New Pet Bird


Bird Care

Taking care of your pet bird is important.  They are different than dogs and cats but not complicated in terms of looking after them. Pet birds are simple lovable creatures. They require the correct diet, a comfortable and clean habitat, fresh food and water, toys and constant attention to make them happy.


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Birds eat a variety of foods in the wild. Being a member of the family they still have the same needs. Vegetables and fresh fruits make the perfect treats adding joy to their routine feedings. Other foods range from pellets, seeds, nuts, and grains. This will reward you with good behavior and also form a bond.



Understanding and looking into bird behavior in the wild is vital to breaking down and comprehending the behavior of birds as your companion at home. Take a look at parrots, very social animals in the wild who fly, roost and forage in large flocks. Your family is the new flock to the pet bird. This means he is joining your activities carried out by the family.

It is now your responsibility to ensure he blends in well by accepting all the family members. If the family is in one room, your pet may scream from its cage to get your attention.



A variety of large birds like the African Greys can imitate speech patterns, sounds and words they hear. However, these species are better in mimicking than others. A family set that provides avenues to grow their intelligence is vital for their growth.



A general rule for habitats is that the bigger the better. Pet birds need room for flexing and exercising their wings and exposure. Availability of toys will provide enrichment and excitement. The smaller species like the canaries enjoy cage flying hence you should consider going for a flight cage. A bigger bird like the parrot needs toys for chewing. Chewable items range from natural fiber ropes, branches, pinecones, and soft white pines.



This consist of trimming wings and nails nail. Nails are trimmed as needed for healthy birds. Sharp nails are a threat to the owners’ life and health. Clipping is a careful process and should be handled with care. Clipping will help prevent escape and also injuries. Most birds enjoy a daily bath. Some will bath on a dish bowl, some prefer showers and others under a faucet. You will have others that resist any form of baths.

Such kind provides them with misting on a daily basis with clean water encourage normal grooming. Newly acquired pet birds should have a check-up by the veterinarian as soon as purchased and acquired. After that what you should do is regular routines which help detect illness and keeps the pet bird healthy.



The cages floors and the food bowls should be cleaned on a daily basis. This will help you avoid issues with food spoilage and also gives you the opportunity to check the floor of the cage. Unusual droppings and can alert you of impending signs of illness. Weekly thorough cleaning is advised.


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