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    Cages for cockatiels should be rather large. The cockatiel cage you select should be tall enough that the bird does not drag its tail across the bottom of the cage or get tangled up with anything.

  • Wholesale Bird Cages
    For pet store owners and true bird fanciers: Have fun on your search for the perfect wholesale bird cage models. Remember to purchase a varied set or multiple pallets if you have a pet store; this will ensure that you have something for everyone....

  • Acrylic Bird Cages
    An acrylic bird cage is usually a cheaper option as compared to many other bird cages. There are some drawbacks to these types of cages, including less durability and the inability many birds have to climb on the bars that can limit the amount of exercise your pet can get....

  • Bird Cage Sales
    When looking for a bird cage sale there are a number of options at your disposal. You can search the Internet for information about a bird cage sale....

  • Macaw Cages
    To find the best macaw cage you can go about your hunt a few different ways. The first is to march down to your local pet store and see what they have in their inventory. You can consult with someone that knows about birds and find out what they recommend....

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