What Are Some Of The Best Pet Birds?

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Birds are among the most wonderful and loyal pets. They are usually friendly and gentle companions which bond easily with human beings. Besides that, they are pets which need little care. So, what are the best pet birds? 

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1. Conures

They are great pets, especially for first-time bird owners. Conures are usually very quiet and gentle. They are loyal and highly adaptive birds which are able to speak a few words. Also known as “green cheeks”, conures belong to a diverse group of parrots. Most people love to keep them as pets because they are fast learners who are lovable and affectionate. These birds normally feed on fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds, 


2. Hyacinth Macaws

They are considered to be the largest type of parrots. They need strong and big housing with branches to chew and climb on. But despite their large size, Hyacinth Macaws are gentle birds which are very social. They are friendly and spend most of their time either cuddling or playing with the owners. When Hyacinth Macaws are in the right home environment, they tend to be loud and nippy. They thrive on a diet that involves native palms like the bocaiuva palms, palm nuts, and acuri palm.

3. Cockatiels

They are small-sized parrots which are gentle and social. The tamable birds can be put in apartments because they are less noisy with the female cockatiel being quieter. These birds make great pets because they love to be touched and charm their owners. Apart from the amazing characters, most people pick cockatiels as pets because they are relatively cheap. They can stay in small cages and need small toys only. Additionally, they eat small amounts of food, particularly leafy greens.

4. Poicephalus

Poicephalus birds are among the most lovable and charming parrot species. The well-socialized birds make great pet companions because of their outgoing and playful nature. Although they don’t love cuddles, these stockier birds quickly bond with human beings. Their diet consists of fruits and vegetables including soybeans, beans, young tree buds, and chickpeas.

5. Budgies

They are also known as parakeet or budgerigars. They are small-sized parrots which are jovial. Budgies make great pets and human companions because they are easy to bond with. However, they are independent birds which are perfect for novice pet owners. They normally feed on seeds, fruits, as well as leafy greens.


Pet Birds: Do’s and Don’ts

• Don’t make an effort of taming your bird. The bond should happen in a natural way.
• Ensure that your bird stays in a clean environment. Besides that, check its physical condition daily and supply it with fresh water.
• Don’t let perches and droppings soil the cage or the gravel sheets.
• Don’t place your pet’s cage in a place with direct sunlight because the bird may end suffering from heatstroke.
• Don’t place loudspeakers or a TV close to the cage because this may stress your pet.
• Do feed your pet with a well-balanced diet. A varied diet will provide your pet with minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements which are essential for growth and development. Note that a dietary deficiency may easily make your pet sick.


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