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If you have a website about birds, hobbies, home and garden, nature or the environment, we would like to add your site to our Resource Directory.

We are interested in exchanging links with web sites related to Birds, Hobbies, Home and Garden, Nature and the Environment. Link exchange between related sites is a a win-win for both websites, a way to bring in more visitors to enjoy our sites. Adding your site to our directory will bring both of us traffic and increase our link popularity.

We are interested in exchanging links only with web sites that clearly relate to birds. If that describes your site, please keep reading.

Here's a two-step process to get listed in our directory:

Step 1. First, please set up a link to our site using the HTML shown below.

Here is our link text. The first line is the Title, the rest is the Description., Everything About Birds (please hyperlink the title to is about attracting wild birds to your yard (bird houses, bird feeders, hummingbirds), pet birds (including parrots and parakeets), birding and bird watching, photographing birds, and controlling nuisance birds like crows, pigeons and starlings.

Step 2. After you have completed Step 1, provide us with the following information so we can link to your site.

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Remember, a reciprocal link is required to be listed in this directory. We appreciate your submitting good sites to keep our directory useful to our readers.

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