Parakeets are very popular pet birds, and they also go by the name budgerigars (or budgies). Unlike the massive bird cages needed for large birds like the macaw, parakeets are fairly small birds and can be housed in more reasonably sized bird cages.

These pet birds are active and quite social, which makes them excellent companion birds. Most parakeets are yellow, blue and/or green with black markings on the head and wings. They can be very chattery and sometimes a parakeet can even learn to talk. 

You can buy bird seed mixes specifically for parakeet feeding, that contain mostly millet. Parakeet bird food doesn't always contain enough vitamins for your bird. Soluble vitamin drops can be used in the water or treats of green or yellow vegetables are a healthy alternative. You can use a simple dish for a bird feeder.

These are not large birds, but they still need a bird cage that is large enough for their active lifestyle. A parakeet should be able to turn around and flap its wings completely without touching the sides of its bird cage. The bars of the bird cage should be fairly close together: less than inch or greater than 1 inch apart. Not only do you not want your bird to escape, you also have to make sure it doesn't get its head stuck between the bars. If the cage is large enough, you can house two or more parakeets together. They are social birds and will enjoy the company when you are not around to entertain them.

General Care
Like with any pet bird, water should be changed daily and the food container should be emptied of discarded seed shells and other debris on a regular basis. You can keep their feathers clean and shiny with a short spritz of warm water every week. You might even let them splash in a bird bath occasionally. A heated bird bath would be quite a treat for your parakeet. There should be bird toys and perches in their cage, but you should also take time to take them out for play. Parakeets are very active and enjoy the exercise. They do like to fly and getting the feathers of their wings clipped will help keep your birds from becoming hard to manage when they are out of their cage.

Parakeets live for 10-15 years so they are a sizable responsibility and should be considered a long-term pet. You can always learn more about the parakeet by subscribing to a bird magazine that specializes in these pet birds.


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