Bird Shows

You may think of cats and dogs when you think of pet shows, but there are shows for pet birds too. Bird shows aren't only for the large exotic birds like the cockatoo and macaw. Smaller birds like the parakeet are also seen. Bird shows are great opportunities to see bird species you won't normally see when out bird watching. Some bird shows are sponsored by Birds of a Feather (BOAF) and the National Cage Birds Show (NCBS).

Birds are grouped into classes, just like at a dog show and some bird shows are specific to just one species of bird. Small local bird clubs often have small shows, and there are some big bird shows that draw people from all over the country.

You will see all kinds of spectacular pet birds if you go to bird shows. But bird shows aren't just about judging birds. There are usually vendors and people selling every kind of bird supply you can think of, from bird cages, bird houses, gourmet bird food and even subscriptions to one of the many bird magazines.

Think your bird has what it takes to win? You'll need to know a few things about showing your pet bird first. First of all, you don't need much experience to get started with bird shows. Most shows have a novice division that is less strict than the more experienced categories. Even if you have a good bird cage at home, check into the show rules about cages. You may need to get a special show cage that conforms with the requirements of the bird show. 

A clean bird is a winner. Spray your bird with warm water for days or even weeks before the bird show, to ensure beautiful feathers. Wouldn't hurt to give your pet access to a bird bath occasionally too. Birds with clipped wing feathers might be at a disadvantage during judging, but that depends on the class of bird being shown.

Don't expect to win huge prizes, especially as a novice birder. But even a simple blue ribbon can be reward enough.


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