Bird Cages

When selecting a bird cage, a big part of the decision depends on the kind of bird you will be keeping in it. A cage that would be suitable for a canary would obviously not be a good choice for a macaw. Along with the overall size of cage, take note of the spacing between the bars. A large cage might make a spacious home for a little bird, but if the bars are too far apart, you will find your little bird flying on the outside of the cage instead of the inside.

To make cleaning the cage as easy as possible, it should have a bottom tray that slides out as well as outside access to the food and water dispensers. Perches should be secure and across various levels in the cage. You can add large branches of your own to add interest and more perching space. To keep your bird's feet in good shape, there should be perches of different diameters throughout the cage. Grasping the same size perch all the time will cause wear and blistering on the feet.

The door to your bird cage should be large enough to allow your arms inside for cleaning and obviously large enough to remove your bird. Large birds like parrots are smart and can unlatch many simple doors. Unless you want to give your bird free run of your house, check to see that the door is secure and stays secure.

A bird cage can be a very attractive item in your home, so you can choose one that is attractive as well as functional. Keep an eye out for safety though. Excessive metal scrollwork or other attachments may have sharp edges that can injure a curious beak. Regardless of your décor, a cage should be safe above all else.

All birds will enjoy some human companionship; so take care to place the cage in a busy part of the house. Busy, but not overly noisy. Family or living rooms are usually a good choice. Keep your bird cage away from windows or doors if there is any chance of a draft. If your family tends to gather in the kitchen, you might be tempted to keep your bird in that room. Unfortunately, kitchens are usually damper than other rooms and can lead to health problems in your bird. 

Your bird cage will be home to your pet for many years. Taking the time now to choose an appropriate one will save on problems later.


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