How To Take Care Of Your Pet Parrot


Love Your Parrot

Birds make amazing pets, they are calm, social and loving and require very little living space but these spectacular creatures require a lot more time, patience and care than many people realize. So to help you out we have some tips for keeping a pet bird- parrot

Red Parrot

1) Parrots hide illness

Parrots are often sought after for their amazing personalities and funny antics but did you know that these amazing birds have a natural tendency to hide illness? they do it to avoid being targeted by a predator but don’t worry there are certain signs that your parrot is sick so if your parrot shows any of the following signs rush to a vet

  • Change of behavior
  • Residue on feathers (indicates vomiting)
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Chewing on feathers
  • Change in droppings

2) A balanced diet is necessary

Most of the bird owners just grab a bag of bird pellets and think that it is all their bird needs, Is it? NO seeds do not provide all the necessary nutrients your parrot needs to stay healthy, Parrots need a balanced diet and there are many food items that you should avoid feeding for a parrot.

Parrots need a mixture of:

  • Seed Mixtures
  • Cooked legumes
  • Walnuts and almonds ( not too much though)
  • A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables
Parrot Eating

The things not to feed your parrot

  • Chocolate ( Not even on his birthday or yours)
  • Avocados
  • Peanuts
  • Onions and garlic
  • Anything that has fats, salt or sugar in it

It’s okay to give your parrot a little piece of cheese every now and then but avoid dairy products as much as possible, Bird’s systems cannot digest lactose which is present in dairy products. No matter how much you love your bird don’t overfeed them! it will make them obese

3) Your parrot needs to be groomed

Trim your parrot’s nails on a regular basis( yes you need to do that) be careful while clipping its nails and only cut the sharp edges and keep that clipper away from the quick it has many nerve endings and can bleed if you cut too deep

Do not use any soap, shampoo or oil while giving your parrot a bath, Clean water is enough to clean him up and use a separate water spray bottle for it

4) Your parrot needs toys too

People treat their pets like babies so why not buy your parrot a toy to play with? and for parrots toys are not luxury they’re a necessity to enrich their environment so here are some things you need to keep in mind before buying your parrot some new toys to play with

  • Make sure that the toys are the right size for your bird
  • Clean the toys regularly and avoid buying toys that are made up of woods as they are hard to clean
  • Keep rotating the toys unless your parrot has any favorite toy, in that case, let it sit in the cage all the time

So if you still haven’t bought your parrot a toy, look it up on the internet and order a brand new toy right now and I’m sure your parrot will love it

Parrots have a very long life span, often longer than their owners, They need care, love, entertainment and a close eye to watch for signs of illness and they reciprocate it with love and companionship. I hope this article was informative and would help you take better care of your parrot.