Nuisance bird control includes bird spikes, hot-foot, electric, scarecrows and netting

Controlling Problem Birds

What's the quickest, easiest way to eliminate problem birds / nuisance birds? The "quick fix" solutions that first come to mind are: Shoot them. Trap them. Poison them.

In the United States, all wild birds (except pigeons, English sparrows and starlings) are protected by federal and state laws. You may not trap, kill or possess protected species without federal and state permits.

The first step in solving your nuisance bird problem is to identify the bird and what's attracting it. Your goal is to remove what attracts the bird, or build a barrier between the bird and what it finds so attractive.

Before you take any action, consider these questions:

Most nuisance bird problems do not have a simple solution. What eliminates a bird problem in one case may fail in similar situations. You may find a solution that seems effective, but nuisance birds are smart so don't be surprised if it works only for a short time. The secret to solving bird problems is to use several tactics and to vary them so birds don't become complacent.

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