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Selecting a Cockatiel Cage

Some of the most popular birds for pets are cockatiels. Millions of owners enjoy the company of their cockatiel birds.

The cockatiel is a beautiful bird that makes a great pet. Its vibrant colors and pleasant demeanor make the cockatiel a favorite of avian lovers all throughout the world. When you take a cockatiel home, it is important that you pick out the right cockatiel cage to keep it in. When you pick out the cockatiel cage, make sure that it will be large enough for the bird to exist comfortable. In essence, you should probably pick out the largest cage that you can afford.

In terms of the minimum size recommended for a cockateil cage for one bird, you should go with twenty four inches high, eighteen inches across, and eighteen inches wide. Of course you can go larger than that – in this case bigger is definitely better. The cockatiel cage you select should have vertical and horizontal bars that will allow the bird to climb around the cage. In terms of the sides, ensure that your bird cannot stick his head through the bars. This could present a safety hazard and potential for injury.

The cockatiel cage you select should be tall enough that the bird does not drag its tail across the bottom of the cage or get tangled up with anything. Furthermore, try not to put too many items in the cage – this can definitely clutter it. One or two toys and a perch will be enough to keep your pet content – oh, and don’t forget to let your cocatiel out of the cage at least once a day for some good exercise. Keeping your pet in its cage all the time is not good for the bird.

You can find a wide assortment of cockateel cages online. In addition, you can walk into just about any pet store across the country and find cages that may suit your needs. Give yourself an in-depth education on the topic before you make a purchase. Good luck and happy cage-hunting!

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