Attracting Birds to Your Home

Wild birds are fun to watch whether you live in the country or right downtown in a big city. You don't need to go hiking in the deep woods to go bird watching either; you can easily bring the birds to your own doorstep. 

By taking a little time and effort to make your yard appealing to the local bird population, you can have an ever-changing show outside your window. Nothing adds color and beauty to a back yard like wild birds.

You don't need to redecorate your entire yard either. A few small additions can really help draw in the birds: well-placed bird feeders with the proper bird food, clean bird baths, and appropriate bird houses and nest boxes can turn your garden into a popular bird habitat.

Once you get to know the local species of birds, you can continue to fine-tune the elements in your garden to suit them even better. You might be surprised just how many different kinds of birds live in your area.